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Being a leader and growing your team


Many leaders will tell you a major area of concern is the risk of failure and failure to succeed however at the core of ‘being’ is the innate risk of failure. Being able to accurate predict the likelihood of failure ore guarantee success presupposes that as a leader you can control all the variables influences success and failure. Of course this is an absurd and preposterous position.

Self Contol

seedlingAdmired leaders will often displace their wants and desires in order to convey a particularly image or perspective to those around them.

Balancing controlled or managed behaviour with instinct is a bit of a tightrope for a manager and leader.

A frustrating employee who constantly gets things wrong or fails to grasp concepts may be someone that you want to yell at and berate or perhaps even shake violently to get across a point but of course that kind of behaviour gets little admiration and would get dismissed as immaturity, a lack of self control or some sort of similar trait.


If you don’t use your knowledge and understanding to the benefit of others and in particular, if you don’t share your knowledge and understanding what is the real point of having it?

Great leaders cultivate the skills that they need to ultimately serve, teach, mentor and lead those around them.

“How you act as a leader is one thing, what you want as a leader is another”

 The erring human

Since we’re all fallible and have some weaknesses, the great leader also has the humility to recognise their own mistakes and acknowledge them. This means that sometimes, they have to apologize and seek forgiveness for their own mistakes and failings.

For many leaders the phrase “I’m sorry” is a bitter pill, it is a phrase that isn’t offered up easily. The leader who can apologize and seek forgiveness has more real power that they realize.

While those around you may sometimes frustrate and infuriate you, remember that this is simply a job and a role. Let go of anger, move past any pain or discomfort and drive things forward in a positive way instead.

Win some …. lose some…

Life cannot be lived without success and failure but it is how you handle and deal with failures that tells others more about you than you realise.

The greatest rewards may come when you find a way to give of yourself easily. This could lead to bettering the lives of others, being part of something bigger or making a positive difference in the world or experience of another.

Be a seeker

Leaders who seek to truly be a catalyst for growth in their teams constantly look for new ways of doing old things. Such leaders find out ways to make things better not only for themselves but for everyone around them.

If you can have just one quality as a leader, challenge the status quo and be a seeker.

Lead your team and colleagues from within by finding more meaning, growth opportunities and development areas.


Clinton Jones has experience in international enterprise technology and business process on four continents and has a focus on integrated enterprise business technologies, business change and business transformation. Clinton also serves as a technical consultant on technology and quality management as it relates to data and process management and governance. In past roles Clinton has worked for Fortune 500 companies and non-profits across the globe.