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More on leading from within

Continuing on the adventurer theme, consider these few additional traits and consider them in yourself and reflect through introspection how they align.

Core Values

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Change is inevitable in business, the world and its industries are changing at such a rate of knots, often education an experience simply cannot adapt in time but at the core the value system is the same. In any culture, in the people around you need to convey attributes that are aligned.

As a leader you need to hold firm to the unchanging strength of your high principles and core values.  Often excuses will be made for less than savoury behaviour in a cultural context – things like, well that’s the way we do things here etc. Don’t allow this lazy perspective to contaminate you.

Such circumstances will challenge you and create some tough times but you need to be courageous and make a difference when it matters.


TrustPublic perceptions of the trustworthiness of leaders is constantly in debate. There is a need to repair this decline in trust and this pushes the focus to the  individual leader who have to doubly demonstrate their trustworthiness to compensate for and override the widespread doubt and uncertainty felt by people at a societal level.

The great leader know there is nothing more important than trust.  Creating and instilling it in colleagues and teams.

Trust should be central to everything you do and every relationship you engage in.

Your colleagues and team members should feel that they can trust what you say and what you do, they should feel that you have their backs and can be depended on.


visionaryLeaders are responsible for creating a culture in which people are inspired to work together toward something bigger than themselves.

Inspiration comes from leaders who set goals and describe a compelling vision that is achieved as a result of attainment of that goal. A leader not necessarily be the one who sets that goal even, it could be the result of collective goal setting.

The visionary approach to leadership can also be achieved by challenging teams with a goal,  setting a specific deadline by which to achieve the goal.

Another way is to take the “Jerry Maguire” approach  – the locker room speech to set the goal which is often considered evangelical or enthusiast.

You could even defer to the greater intellect of the team, depending on who comprises the team and have them determine what action and skills on each of their parts might achieve a given goal.

Pick and share your goals  with those who will be with you on the journey.

Clinton Jones is a seasoned writer with broadcast experience on the KenRadio Broadcasting Tech Talk Africa channel and with Road Algoa FM’s Computer bureau. He has experience in international enterprise technology and business process on four continents and has a focus on integrated enterprise business technologies, business change and business transformation. In past roles Clinton has worked for Fortune 500 companies and non-profits across the globe.