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What really matters

McKinsey research recently reiterated that good leadership is key to the healthy organization.

So what does good leadership really look like?

Some key behavioural traits were called out in the McKinsey Organizational Health Index:

  • Supportiveness
  • Championing for change
  • Clarifying objectives, rewards and consequences
  • Prolific and enthusiastic communication
  • Development of others
  • Developing and sharing a collective mission
  • Differentiating  followers
  • Facilitating group collaboration
  • Fostering mutual respect
  • Giving praise
  • Being organized and on task
  • Making quality decisions
  • Motivating and bringing the best out in others
  • Providing a critical perspective
  • A strong results orientation
  • Positive recovery from failure
  • Composure and confidence in uncertainty
  • Role model organizational values
  • Receptive to and seeking different perspectives
  • Solving problems effectively

These are an interesting set of traits, many of them may seem intuitive and obvious but the question is, what is your personal sort order and do you practice all of them?