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Leading from within

Mountain Rescue AssociationAs a leader or holding a leadership position – you need to be an adventurer.

An adventurer in my book is someone who is always discovering new stuff .

The adventurer successfully avoids mediocrity and challenges the status quo in a search for that next level of excellence but they do it with ethical  behaviour that demonstrates an exemplary character.

To be a great, a  leader needs to commit to challenging everything that seems to be stagnant and in a state of potential atrophy and propose something new, insightful, challenging and innovative.

Exemplary character

Leaders tend not to be overly concerned with reputation but instead clarify the traits of themselves as leaders and how those characteristics dove-tail into their personality and being, this grows them to a position of leadership – one where they are recognized and acknowledged.

This approach is hard to fathom in an era of self-adulation self-promotion and selfi-ism.

Your character is ultimately your reputation, behave in a particular way and that becomes a characterisation of who you are and what you stand for.

While your reputation is principally what others think you are – your character is what you really are. If they are aligned and of an exemplary nature then it is likely you will be a successful leader.

Daily introspection

Discern your inner qualities and don’t get trapped by the dogma of the narrow thinking of others.

Work to discover and develop your own unique traits, qualities and gifts and let them lead you to the kind of perspective, direction and contribution that only you can make.

Do this on a regular basis, without a fear of self deprecation and self proclamation. Soliloquize, lay bare you inner thoughts on topics and evaluate their impact on your thinking and how you deal with those around you.


Integrity is one a fundamental value. It is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles in their work and play.  A person of integrity lives their values in the way that they relate with coworkers, customers, and stakeholders.

Thought honesty and trust are central to integrity, acting honourably and being truthful are fundamental tenets of acting and behaving with integrity.  When you demonstrate integrity you draw others unto you because they are trustworthy and dependable.

Those with integrity can be counted on to behave in honourably even when no one is watching. Any kind of dishonesty — deliberate omission, distortion of facts, conveyance of false impressions, deliberate and conscious misdirection and misleading speech and behaviour —erodes leadership.

In many  ways, invisibly and visibly you have the opportunity to demonstrate your integrity – or lack of it – every day.   Strive to establish the truth in every situation and speak always with honesty and candour.


About the author

eyeClinton Jones has experience in international enterprise technology and business process on four continents and has a focus on integrated enterprise business technologies, business change and business transformation. Clinton also serves as a technical consultant on technology and quality management as it relates to data and process management and governance. In past roles Clinton has worked for Fortune 500 companies and non-profits across the globe.